Past and current projects show the capabilities of my photography from individual images for ad agencies and designers to 400 page books for museums. 

Salem Power Plant

The opportunity to photograph the Salem power plant footprint site just before the demolition was quite exhilarating. Deborah Greel who is the public art planner for the city of Salem contacted me through a friend at the Peabody Essex Museum. This original coal burning power plant on the shore of the Salem Harbor was to be demolished in the next few months. Images here are produced in 3 to 4 hours on one day in the fall last year under very difficult circumstances, there were only a few emergency lights in the entire interior of the plant . The purpose of this shoot with many other photographers, artists and writers was to document the historic plant before it's demolition, below is my contribution. 



In Plain Sight Book Project

Last year I was given an assignment by the Peabody Essex Museum to do most of the primary photography for a catalog that was being produced for the exhibition " In Plain Sight discovering the furniture of Nathaniel Gould". Included below are just a few of the many images required for a book of this magnitude which range from small silhouetted inserts to two-page spreads. All images produced are done at an incredibly high resolution so the designer could crop at will for the final book. One of the images was also blown up to life-size on the entrance wall of the exhibit at the Museum. All images that I did had to be representative of the look and feel that the client and designer had decided on. The Gould furniture was exceptionally elegant and most of the time very highly reflective reminiscent of a mirror. Myself and two photo assistants did  setups in studio and location requiring many hours of production, set up and travel. The final book is truly impressive as was Nathaniel Gould's work. This type of project requires all the knowledge that I have acquired over the past 30 years and then some. 




Fourth of July, Beverly Farms Massachusetts