Out of the Fire: A Toolsmith's Art

July 17, 2015 — Oct. 18, 2015

Out of the Fire: A Toolsmith's Art, on view in the Kramer Gallery, features nine tools and their attachments, all forged and carved by Blacksmith Ray Larsen. The exhibition reveals the beautiful ergonomic shapes that can be generated by allowing the elements of the smith, hammer, heat and material to work in harmony. Some more of these exquisite product shots can be seen in the main body of my website. Lighting is of the essence in producing shots like this also Hi-Rez extremely large digital files were used.

Photo by Dennis Helmar.

I just finished a series of images of some of the most beautiful handmade tools I've ever seen. It was a pleasure working with Ray Larson on this project that will be presented in July at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath . Some of these can be seen on my  main website. Should be an amazing exhibit.