Out of the Fire: A Toolsmith's Art

July 17, 2015 — Oct. 18, 2015

Out of the Fire: A Toolsmith's Art, on view in the Kramer Gallery, features nine tools and their attachments, all forged and carved by Blacksmith Ray Larsen. The exhibition reveals the beautiful ergonomic shapes that can be generated by allowing the elements of the smith, hammer, heat and material to work in harmony. Some more of these exquisite product shots can be seen in the main body of my website. Lighting is of the essence in producing shots like this also Hi-Rez extremely large digital files were used.

Photo by Dennis Helmar.

I just finished a series of images of some of the most beautiful handmade tools I've ever seen. It was a pleasure working with Ray Larson on this project that will be presented in July at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath . Some of these can be seen on my  main website. Should be an amazing exhibit.

A7r with Nikon 85mm 1.8 Lens

Yesterday the weather finally broke around here and got above 0° so I decided to hit the road with the Sony A7r and do a adapted lens tests test with the Nikon 85mm 1.8 G lens using the metabones G to e-mount adapter. My initial response to this combination that it Is exceptional in its ease-of-use and above all its sharpness. The camera does automatic exposure and let you manually focus and in large the focused image while shooting. This combination allows for precise focusing accuracy in the ability to use lenses that I already have. The image below was a 36 megapixel file produced with the above combination. 

New Technology New Quality

As most of you know I'm always trying to produce the best quality images possible for my clients and myself.
To that end some new and exciting capabilities have been introduced this year by Sony with their new A7r camera that has many of the same capabilities as the Nikon D800e that I have been using for the past year. The most exciting capability is the ability to adapt almost any lens in our inventory to take advantage of the 36 megapixel sensor in this camera. The Nikon is an incredible camera for many things but it is unable to use some of the highly specialized adapters and lens combinations that I have used in the past. Over the next few months I will be implementing some of these very high resolution lenses and adapters to make the workflow here at the studio even more streamline.

This adapter set up was one that I used for doing some of the high-resolution book images for the Peabody Essex Museum and the McIntyre carving book. This was when I was using the Canon 1DsMK3 with its 23 megapixel full frame sensor with the introduction of the Sony A7r this setup can now be used with the much more advanced and capable 36 megapixel Sony sensor. The lens shown here is a Pentax 35mm SMC FA that has the capability of producing some of the sharpest images possible.


Close up